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I help children and teens who want to become successful in learning and life. My special expertise is in working with gifted clients with ADHD, dyslexia, or other issues that get in the way of school success.
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About Dr. Doug Leber

When learning disabilities or life challenges lead to school struggles, Dr. Doug Leber helps students gain the reading, writing, and math skills they need for success. Whatever psychological or learning differences your child experiences,-- ADHD, dyslexia, math disability, twice-exceptional (gifted/LD), depression, anxiety-- Dr. Leber can be your expert guide.

Since 1996 Dr. Leber has taught hundreds of children and teenagers how to become confident, self-directed students. Through individual or small-group tutoring in reading, writing, and mathematics, he teaches what skillful learners need to know: effective study and test-taking strategies, goal-setting, and realistic long-term planning. Students develop organizational skills that work, so homework and projects are done well, completed on-time, and turned in before deadline.

Dr. Leber brings extensive training and experience in psychology to his practice of educational therapy. After receiving his Ph.D. in Psychology (University of Michigan, 1991), he completed four years of post-doctoral training in developmental psychology at the University of Denver (1991-1995). As a research associate at the University of Denver he also completed coursework in clinical psychology, including practica in psychological assessment and child, marital and family therapy.

Dr. Leber's training includes the Linguistic Remedies for Reading Disability program (Barbara Wise, Ph.D., U of Colorado), Lindamood –Bell Auditory Discrimination in Depth (Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes), and Orton-Gillingham methods (Joyce Bilgrave, MS). He also is a member of the International Dyslexia Association and the Council for Exceptional Children. In addition to his one-to-one and group work with clients, he consults with parents, teachers, and schools to create learning environments that support students with learning disabilities or ADHD.