About Me
I help children and teens who want to become successful in learning and life. My special expertise is in working with gifted clients with ADHD, dyslexia, or other issues that get in the way of school success.
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Austin, 8th grade

"Dr. Leber helps kids by picking them up when they are down . He shows them interesting and fun methods for doing good in school.”

Viola, 58-yr old college student

“I have a great —no, overwhelming— fear of mathematics...His caring, concern, and enthusiasm for me to succeed improved my attitude towards math...He gave me the tools, the knowledge to understand there is more than one way to solve complex math problems.”

Holly, parent

“Dr. Leber has worked with both my sons. Both boys have done work beyond their years, escalating their self esteem. He really helps students believe in themselves. Dr. Doug has a talent for helping kids work through the difficulties, while bolstering their strengths. That's as much of a gift to me as it is to them!”


Natalie, parent

Thanks, Doug! Lizzy was very pleased with herself and you helped a lot!